The Real Vegan Me


I want to begin by apologizing for not having posted in so long. I have been 100% focused on my career, my fitness, and squeezing in time for fun along the way. So far it’s been an incredible journey. I won my first race (women’s division), which was an unbelievable feeling. I cut 7 minutes off my half marathon time and all in all I’m pretty jazzed about what’s in my future. I wanted to kick off my return to blogging by being extremely blunt and honest.

I have been driven insane by all the articles, videos, and images that depict veganism as being easy. It’s not easy, like anything worth having it’s hard work. But, it’s also extremely rewarding.

Do I think it’s easy to find dairy alternatives today? Yes. Do I think everyone should be vegan not only for animal rights but also for the planet? Yes. Do I get a white-hot rage every time I see a suffering animal thanks to people who work in dairy farms? Absolutely. Finally, do I think people need to be more honest about the road to being vegan? A million times yes.

Deciding to be vegan is a scary but exciting day. It’s the day you decided I want to help safe the earth and I’m all set with the cow milk. It’s also the day you start noticing the crazy amounts of vegan propaganda that make it seem like a gluten-free, dairy-free piece of cake to become 100% vegan. The reason I’m writing about this particular topic is not to belittle any of those campaigns. Rather, it’s to let people know it’s not impossible. I think by encouraging those articles we have made veganism this unreachable goal.

As people we aren’t fans of change. It’s deep in our bones and that’s fine. It’s who we are and we like some routine in our lives. It’s not shocking that completely changing you entire diet might be a bit of a challenge. It becomes a little scary when you start reading labels and realize just how much of our food comes from dairy products. It’s hard, and it’s a learning process. I think allowing people to find freedom within the vegan structure would make the transition easier. It’s all about trying things and seeing what tastes good. I’ve spent hours slaving over a vegan meal only to discover it’s absolutely repulsive. It’s not a walk in the park but it’s also not impossible. I think being allowed to be more open about our journey with veganism and keeping track of the things we do cut out of our diet would allow for more people to test out the waters.

To keep it simple, don’t be afraid to try being a vegan or even just a vegetarian. There is no wrong way to help the planet!


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