Expectations vs. Reality

I think it’s pretty important not only in training but also life in general to understand that you’ll always have certain expectations of what something is going to be like. I find this to be extremely true when it comes to my work outs. I either think I didn’t do enough or it wasn’t fast enough or I didn’t hit a yoga pose well enough. I’m slowly learning to shed this viewpoint and listen to my body. When I did my yoga teacher training at Health Yoga Life this was a huge curve ball for me. I was always about pushing it to the next level and ignoring what my body was saying. I partially blame that on human nature and also on my competitive spirit. Nothing is more important than listening to what your body is telling you whether it be GET YOUR ASS UP AND RUN or GO. TO. SLEEP. Always listen.

Even today my game plan was to wake up early and hit the gym for a morning work out. Instead I spent my morning planning how to raise money for Rob Krar’s Ultra Camp in Arizona this July. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t a total waste of time it was actually time extremely well spent but at the same time I was disappointed with myself for not getting a couple miles in to loosen up.

**By the way if you want to support my journey to Ultra Camp please feel free to donate at http://www.gofundme.com/n4ecsk **

So what I’m trying to say is today ended up being a rest day, which is totally fine. I decided to hit up November Project for the first time tomorrow for a 6:30am 6k with coworkers/friends and then head to work followed by some black light yoga (again I still have no clue what black light yoga is so I can’t wait to report back).

In regards to dieting on off days I try to keep it extremely light. I find that when I’m bored aka not doing a physical activity I tend to overeat for absolutely no reason. I recently started using the MyFitnessPal app again and it’s been awesome. I track my food and work outs and it helps me understand what my food has to offer. I used to use it but they recently updated it so it tells you what your food has to offer, for example when I put in spinach it says “this food has lots of vitamin c”. It’s pretty awesome. Today’s meal plan went a little something like this :

I started the morning off with an organic banana and some vegan crunchy peanut butter, easily one of my favorite snacks. I also treated myself to a Stretch Island Fruit Co. Summer Strawberry Fruit Strip. They’re the perfect little sugary treat.

image1 (2)

Earth Balance Crunchy peanut butter is AMAZING. It’s great with apples and bananas. Easily one of my top 10 favorite foods.

This little meal was followed up with a B12 pill. EXTREMELY important for anyone who is vegan/going vegan. B12 is vital for heart health especially if you’re training or very physically active. I get mine at Whole Foods they offer a vegan version. A little on the expensive side but well worth it.

Lunch was …you guessed it…another organic banana. I’ve been craving them like crazy lately my body must need potassium which is A-OK with me.

Dinner took place about 3 minutes ago, I inhaled a nice organic baby spinach and organic tomato salad with Organicville Vegan Thousand Island Dressing. If you haven’t tried their vegan dressings you’re missing out. They’re absolutely incredible.


Well folks I just wanted to give a quick update before I snuggle into bed, watch some hulu plus and doze off. Also a huge thanks to my fellow Janji Corps supporters Run Colby Run and Starving Runner. They’ve definitely helped me out throughout this blogging process. Tomorrow brings some great new activities! Train on my friends.


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