The North Face Endurance Challenge Ultra Marathon

I woke up this morning feeling every muscle in my body was screaming JUST STOP at the top of their lungs. And I dig it. I forgot just how much the body grows and changes during training especially since I’ve never trained for something this vigorous before. I thought I should go a little more in depth about the race itself in this Tuesday morning post before I head out to the gym/work.

Here’s the race course :

Screen shot 2015-02-20 at 11.00.21 PM*

Maze Runner status.

Here’s the basic course description found on site :

COURSE DESCRIPTION : The North Face Endurance Challenge Series introduces a first-time expansion into the “mountain” region of United States at Park City Mountain Resort, located 20 miles outside of Salt Lake City. This race course will not only start at the highest elevation within the North America series at 7,000 feet but it will also climb to the highest elevation of 10,000 feet. The North Face Endurance Challenge cruises along the Wasatch Back, part of the Wasatch Mountain Range in the resort destination of Park City. Athletes will navigate this world-renowned ski destination using a mix of double and single track trail, ski runs, mountain bike trails and various dirt access roads. Bring your lungs and legs and be prepared to be awe struck.

Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 9.16.52 AM*

Yeah..I know. I want to be extremely honest about my emotions right now. I am SO stoked to be doing this race but also a little nervous. There’s things that keep floating through my brain space like getting lost, wild animals, getting lost, running out of food/water, getting lost, having my gear break, oh and getting lost. So you see there might be a pattern here. Luckily there is a pre-race panel  discussion so I’ll get more details the night before and I’m sure this will ease my soul a little bit. Plus it will be awesome to see who I’ll be running with slash trying to kick their butts. (Just kidding my goal is merely to completely this race within the time frame, however, if I end up whooping some ass along the way I’m not about to apologize for it).

Anyway back to the race facts. It starts at 5:00 am so headlamps are required, naturally. I can’t wait to rock that bad boy. Each person has 14 hours to complete the race. If they feel you are too behind they will pull you from the course. No pressure.

My mom will be traveling with me. Thank god. I like when she comes to bigger races with me for the comfort factor and honestly we just have a blast. She’ll be traveling to Vancouver with me as well in August when I do the Seawheeze half marathon. These runs have given us awesome opportunities to check out new and exciting places we otherwise wouldn’t see.

So here’s what they suggest you bring to the race, in my opinion the last item is the MOST important.


-Directions and/or map to race start, parking location or shuttle pickup location

-Bib, timing device and safety pins

-Headlamp or flashlight (mandatory for all GORE-TEX 50 Mile Participants)

-Change of clothes and shoes for the Finish Festival

-Appropriate clothing based on the weather forecast <– SO I guess I shouldn’t wear my ball gown

-Appropriate equipment based on weather forecast

-Bag to store your belongings at the Finish Festival

-Water bottle or hydration pack

-Required medications, inhalers or EpiPens <– You better believe I’ll be fully loaded with inhalers


-Sunglasses or hat

-Anti-chafe gel

-Watch/GPS device

-Cell phone (limited reception) or camera <– I’m banking on my dad getting me a go pro so I can get some awesome shots while on the go (no pressure dad..but seriously) I think it would be an awesome way to capture the experience

-Cash for food and beer <– I don’t need to explain how important both of these items will be

-ID for beer garden <– Again absurdly important

-Ibuprofen or pain reliever <– Aka a gallon of Advil


SO yeah, there’s the gist of it all. I’ll be purchasing my trail running gear once winter is over, I have a feeling companies will roll out some awesome new products/colors for spring. I am looking at Salomon trail running shoes and an Osprey trail pack. I found out about the Osprey backpack at work actually. One of our guests was wearing one so I basically sprinted over to her to talk about it. She gave it an A+. In regards to the watch I’ll be wearing I already own the Nike + Sportwatch but I’m going to see what else is out there. I LOVE this watch for standard racing etc. but I have a feeling I might need something a little more intense considering the elevation/lack of reception etc.

In regards to headlamps and all the other bells and whistles I’ll be heading over to either REI or Eastern Mountain Sports and getting some advice in that department. But if any of my readers have any suggestions toss them my way.

Alright, over and out. Today I’m thinking a nice light jog. I’ll be incorporating a ton of yoga throughout my training and plan on hitting up two different studios this week. Tomorrow is a black light class which I’ve never attended so I’ll keep you posted on what that’s like! Neon-y I imagine. The other is your standard hot power vinyasa flow. Thanks for reading!


*All images pulled from

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