First post!

So I finally decided to take the leap and create a blog. With the help of my fellow Janji Corps Members I decided to go with WordPress. Definitely a good decision. I will basically be using this as a gateway into my training, diet, and general thoughts throughout my training process for my 50 mile ultra marathon.

I will be doing The North Face Endurance Challenge in Utah.

Only 215 days until race day, now to some people that might sound like a lot, but when you’re trying to get in peak performance to not only run 50 miles straight but also do it at a maximum height of 10,000 ft there’s something to be said for patience when it comes to training.

I would say today was my first real leap into the training I would like to do regularly. I started out the day with a 6 mile run (on a treadmill, no way in hell I’m going to even attempt to run in Boston with this crazy weather right now) then hit up a spin class and did an extra 3 miles. My ultimate game plan is to add 10 miles per month so by the time the race rolls around I will be more than comfortable with the distance aspect.

Luckily I have the support of not only my friends and family but also my coworkers and fellow Janji Corps Members which is amazing. It’s like a never ending support net, few people are that lucky. The vegan community also has my back because I will be doing my training 100% vegan. I actually got extremely lucky and found some Odwalla bars that are vegan which is a perfect source of protein for my training! <–Check them out! And while you’re searching the net check out Janji!

Well I think that’s enough rambling for me today. There’s plenty more where this came from amigos. Good night and may tomorrow bring light feet.


2 thoughts on “First post!

  1. The Blog looks great!!! Man that’s one heck of a race— with a ton of climbing. I ran a 50k- the VT50- back in September and it has me toying (stress TOYING) with the idea of a 50 miler. You are one brave broad! So looking forward to hearing about your adventures in training. I’m rooting for you fellow Janji Corps Friend!! 🙂


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